Stahlman Peak

Good adventures… In the middle of one they kind of just feel weird and you wonder why you’ve gone so far out of your way to inconvenience yourself. Then you hit success… Figuring out a bus route in a foreign country, finding the right trail before it gets too dark, solving a problem creatively. Then you get a sweet reminder of what it feels like to actually make those stories you’ll want to retell over and over again.

This weekend promises to be one of those times… I’m en route to Swaziland!

It’s been a good week for several reasons:

South Africa– being there is always great but this time around I really feel welcomed back by the kids and I’ve even gotten myself a small crew among the guys that work at the center.

• I’ve been sleeping really well at night lately. Not that this is usually an issue but I’ve slept so well that I’ve noticed.




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