Party in the Sky

Leg two of the really long journey to Joburg… LAX to London Heathrow. Not exactly my favorite airports but let’s make it a good time.

I’m really glad it worked out for us to do this trip via Virgin Airlines… That is a fave, especially for back-to-back really long flights.

So looking forward to seeing some familiar (but now more grown up) faces when our last plane finally touches down. That still feels a ways away right now, so for the moment I’m looking forward to catching up on the movies of 2015 via in-flight entertainment.


Actually still a party at LAX. The plane had a malfunctioning part and they needed it to be brought in from the other side of LA by somebody on motorbike. That sounds more like a Ryan Gosling movie plot to me, so we opted to hop on the next plane over.



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