The Groomsman Grotto

Fresh Monday, and the to do list runneth over. One of the things on that list to book some plane tickets for the first of many weddings this year.

I love being in the wedding saturated years of my life. Yeah definitely because I’m happy for my friends (and me) who have taken themselves a luv-ah, but also, because with the people who matter to me being spread out across the map, I love the weekend long come-together.

Of course it was overshadowed by the fact that I was getting married but a big fun thing from my own wedding was splitting up a house among a bunch of dudes who came as strangers and left as (at the very least, Facebook) friends with one weekend’s worth of fun and very weird experiences.

I’d love to do something like this again… Pick a random city that’s both convenient but new and rent an airbnb. Invite friends who don’t know each other but whom I think would hit it off.

My mental energies and wallet probably don’t have the capacity for this right now, per se, but sometime on the near horizon. I’d love to see it happen.



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