For the past five years, I’ve ended each year by compiling my 365 photo project and a bunch of video clips into a montage. Usually, a dozen or so people ever see it. It’s more of a personal project than anything else. It’s strangely been a really good gratitude exercise and I had no intention of stopping.

Then, as late as October of last year, I had a hard drive go belly up. Ironically, because I have the last luck ever with hard drives, I started storing my video clips on an external. Turned out the external went kaput. That late in the year, with ten months of video clips gone, it seemed like a video wouldn’t happen. Huge bummer. 2015 was a big year for me, wedding and all.

BUT– thanks to all the data recovery tricks I learned from years past, a very eventful end to my year, and having most of my wedding videos recorded on a separate drive, it turns out I was able to make it out with a video that did the year some justice.

A little later than I would usually finish this project… here it is. My 2015 video.


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