Napoleon House

The Napoleon House in New Orleans made for one of the best eating experiences I had overall last year. They’re probably most famous for their muffalata, which I got to fulfill the obligatory experience, but I enjoyed some of the other things I ordered even more. A refreshing mint julep and a surprisingly good boudin sausage. Even better was the charming eating experience. This restaurant was refurbished from an apartment that was supposed to be used by Napoleon in the event of his exile from mainland France. Today it’s staffed by the most charming moustached waiters who seem to have drifted in from some other time period.

I’ve been trying to make this list for a little while, but it was full of difficult choices. These were my most memorable meals that I enjoyed during 2015.

10. Good Food by Ferneau (Little Rock, AR) – A charcuterie board of patês

With Arkansas being the hog-raising haven that it is, they can actually turn some of them into pretty good patês

9. Kaminsky’s (Columbia, SC) – Adult salted caramel milkshake with black bourbon

Black bourbon plus salted caramel, such a good combo in this very hip venue

8. Whiskey Soda Lounge (Portland, OR) – Pok pok’s fish sauce wings, spicy papaya salad, drinking vinegar

Pretty much the same thing as Pok Pok, minus the wait times

7. Malay Satay Hut (Redmond, WA) – Char kway teow

This is where I discovered the wonders of char kway teow, just outside Seattle

6. Cochón (New Orleans, LA) – Cochón and house cocktail

Wonderful venue, French inspired, cajun inspired, and delicious pork meals

5. El Super Pan (Atlanta, GA) – Pork belly bun

Latin sandwich shop in the Ponce City Market, which is an ATL food essential

4. Café du Monde (New Orleans, LA) – Beignets and café au lait

Couldn’t do New Orleans without it… three times.

3. The Napoleon House (New Orleans, LA) – Muffalata, boudin sausage, mint julep, jambalaya

See above. It was delicious

2. King Estate Winery (Eugene, OR) – Oysters on the half shell plus lamb terrine roulade.

Our Christmas gift to each other last year was splurging on this meal and it was well worth it

1. Jeanine’s Bakery (Santa Barbara, CA) – Lobster eggs benedict

So good that I ordered it on the morning of my wedding day, and the morning after



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