Exploring Asheville

I’m loving the Carolinas. North and South. Yesterday I snuck off to North Carolina on my own while Ivy and JB had work. I’d only ever heard the best things said about Asheville, so I had to go and see it for myself. I’ve never been fully comfortable with solo adventures, which is why I sometimes feel the need to do ’em.

Downtown Asheville, so charming and almost entirely comprised of local shops and venues. I let myself get lost for a few hours. It was damp, which actually made the city seem more lively while I snacked on a savory crêpe and cashew juice.

Getting to see Asheville was a longtime wish fulfilled, even if I wasn’t there for very long. Coincidentally, I came across a “Before I Die” wall, and these things are always a surprisingly emotional encounter.

I’d have things on my list, too. It seems like once I cross one off, I get another idea for another one. Before I die I’d love to hike the Camino de Santiago, and visit the remaining states I haven’t seen, and of course start a family. It’s good to have quests. But, you also never know just how much time you’d have to do all those things. In either case, I’m still extremely thankful to be alive.



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