Catawba Falls

My goodness, I knew North Carolina would be good to an outdoor lover but I underestimated just how good it would be. I decided to split my one day between Asheville and the Pisgah National Forest and found a sweet waterfall to hike to.

Unfortunately Google Maps let me down for the first time ever yesterday, trying to get me there via a private road I couldn’t drive down. I found another way but it cost me an hour.

While on my hike, I realized I needed to book it if I wanted to see the falls and make it back out of the woods with the remaining daylight. I felt confident enough to start sprinting towards the falls. I caught a bit of its lower end before I had to go, taking off for a very muddy trail run and an unintended river forging.

This did not go to plan and I loved it. I hope to make it back to visit the falls properly someday. I can only imagine.



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