Bridge of the Gods

One of my very favorite things about people is the way they change. I remember back when I, along with a lot of people, figured that was a bad thing. That explains why so many signatures in my yearbook tell me not to change. Thank God I didn’t listen to them. High school me was okay back then (sort of, I guess) but that guy really wasn’t cut out for 2015.

We panic sometimes over the idea of people changing. Even though we realize it’s inevitable, it’s easy to see it as a threat to the things that work about a current friendship. A currently healthy relationship. But the trick to allowing change is to committing to a person and being willing to see how things will unfold.

I recently had the chance to hear from a guy who I’ve been friends with for years now. It got me thinking about where we were when we met– quite different from where we are now.  It’s crazy seeing how much he’s grown and is committed to growing as a person, and I hope my trajectory looks similar from an outside vantage point. I know some mutual friends who were caught up in some drama years back, and as a result, they pretty much severed ties with him. Knowing their side of the story, I get why, but I also think they’ve missed out on seeing the way a person can change and grow.

He isn’t the only example. I think of any of my friends who I’ve known for over three years, and I can see this sort of beautiful evolution out of almost all of them. Sometimes watching time pass makes me feel uneasy. One thing that helps me feel better about it is realizing the beautiful things that take the passing of time to be developed and seen.



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