10 December 2013

2013: Bakersfield, California

Two Christmases ago. Simon was still a three year old and singing in his church’s Christmas pageant. That was the year I lived in Bakersfield and that allowed me to be closer and be around for simple life events like that. It’s weird that this was already two Christmases ago because that means I’ve been connected to Bakersfield and the fuller picture of Deanna’s world for quite some time now.

I always get the same reaction when I tell people that I lived in Bakersfield, which are condolences. But whatever! Spending a year in Bakersfield meant that I got to see my eventual nephews super regularly while they were super young, not just on holidays or big moments, but for periphery things like Christmas pageants and evenings at home.

I’ll treasure being somebody who is around more often than just once or twice a year. It’s a lot harder now that I live much further, but I appreciate having invested my time well. It’ll carry me over until, hopefully, the future allows for more frequent visits.



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