Safeco Field

We go on adventures together! That’s what we do.

With today being over, I somewhat get to celebrate being done with another quarter of Grad School, this one with a much more anticipated ending than the other two. I guess technically I still have a final and some papers to grade, but whatever. Still excited. With the exception of Thanksgiving, most of the past few weekends have been of the “we’re really tired, let’s sit around and do nothing” variety. Those were necessary but I’m looking forward to having the pendulum swing the other way and getting back in touch with the more adventurous sides of ourselves over the holidays.

This time next year I’ll be back on the job market, which I’m kind of excited about. The longer I’ve been in grad school, the less I feel the need to pick a specific career I plan on immersing myself in afterwards. As long as the workplace is healthy and the job meets my basic needs, I’m open to a pretty wide variety of things. I’m more concerned with being able to live a whole life, have enough time to spend with the people who matter, having enough to provide for them, having some time and opportunities open for exploring, and having the opportunity to contribute and help people. That’s about as much interest as I have in narrowing things down.



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