Espresso & Breakfast

We’ve seen what darkness can do in our world. We’ve actually seen a lot of it lately. In Paris and Mali and Lebanon and countless other places. It leaves families without fathers, without mothers. It steals our sense of safety. There are moments that happen every now and then that make us hyper-aware of how dark and scary the world can be.

I happen to think darkness has a bigger goal than to simply kill. It seeks to rob us of the things that make life worthwhile. Love and human compassion. When we see people in need and fear for our lives, our possessions, our safety, rather than being moved to help them, we’ve lost that.

To all my friends who are actively working to help restore the future hopes of refugees from all over the world, thank you for refusing to let the darkness win. I know so many of you and the work you do is incredible. And for the handful of friends I have who are refugees- I never cease to be amazed at what you accomplish.



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