Very Fresh Eggs

At one of the last Airbnb spots I’ve stayed at in Alabama, our host couple welcomed us to help ourselves to any of the very fresh eggs they had set out on the table. Very fresh as in, these just came out of a chicken in the past day or so, didn’t they? And I’ll bet the chicken isn’t too far away either.

Whether it’s been through Airbnb, through friends, or through friends-of-friends, and sometimes even through people I’ve just met on the spot, while traveling, I’ve constantly been greeted by abundant hospitality. It’s been one of the best reminders of the good that’s also out there in the world, and it’s the reason I try my best to practice abundant hospitality myself. You end up giving the people you welcome so much more than a place to stay. They get stories and acceptance out of it!

Are there risks involved when you welcome other people in? Always. But the way I look at it, there’s two ends of the spectrum. You could live in perceived safety, behind locked doors, staring at screens, reminded of all the world’s ugliness. Or you could put yourself out there, explore, meet others, and discover some of its goodness. In either scenario, safety is never guaranteed, so I like to lean towards the latter.



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