Daniel & CC

Our wedding day would have been way more dull without the very prominent presence of Daniel and Caytlin, but really, our entire lives would be way more dull without these two.

Growing up, I always thought it would be cool to have a close knit, central group that you could get older with. A group so tight you could all live in different cities but still remain very much in tune with each others’ lives. I didn’t have that by the time I technically became an adult, and I figured I missed my boat.

Then when I was 20, I bummed a spot on Daniel’s floor while couch surfing, with Deanna and Caytlin living in the same house. We saw each other graduate college, then get jobs, then get tired of jobs, go back to grad school and what not. Years later, they’re making speeches at our wedding and plans to visit during holidays. It’s a good story, but you don’t need me to tell you that. Just look at their faces.



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