Barley Brown’s Breakfast Stout

Hoodie weather. Early evenings. The Beergarden. Sitting outside next to all the food trucks with a pint of Barley Brown’s Breakfast Stout.

A stein holding contest broke out, and the guy in the plaid shirt swept the floor with the competition. In just a few minutes everybody dropped out except for two. They went toe to toe for about one more minute before the other guy put down his glass. The winner shrugged and said he could probably go for another ten minutes at least. I believed him. Some of our friends knew him, and apparently he’s a pretty serious weightlifter… training his whole life for this moment.

If I ran a fitness-challenge Instagram account, this would be my only post. Strong is sexy. You never know when a stein holding contest could break out. That is all the gym-spiration you could ever need.


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